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Sometimes we're caught in a whirlwind of stress. We get sick, relationships break, and spirits harden. We can't see straight to heal what's got us down, fix our lives, or get right with God.

Frankly, we're stuck. Those are the times when we need a trained person to help us break free of our limitations. When body, mind or spirit are hurting, a health coach, a personal counselor or spiritual guide can help us get back on track.

Health Coaching

Similar to personal coaching, health coaching works with the client's goals and objectives – but in this case, the focus is on the client's health. Conventional health education pushes information at the patient, directing them to do what is prescribed. A health coach gently evokes clarity about the client's health goals, identifies the kinds of support the client has available to foster changes, and helps the client work to overcome obstacles blocking healthy behaviors.

Health coaching


  • Helps clients identify their health goals, and make sustainable behavior changes that improve the client's health,
  • Guides clients in selecting the best personal care and health-maintenance activities for them,
  • Assists clients to reduce the impact chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes have on their lives.
  • Guides clients in natural approaches to life processes, for instance menopause or childbirth.
The basic principles are that health can be achieved through adopting healthy lifestyle habits such as exercising, eating better, managing your stress/anxiety, losing weight; and that life processes such as childbirth are not illnesses, and can be approached naturally. Helping the client make natural health care and behavior changes easy is the goal of health coaching.

Personal Counseling and Coaching

Counseling deals with the mind and emotions. Counseling focused on stabilizing and assisting those in crisis to return to normal psychological functioning. Sometimes more complex issues require long term therapy. There are many different schools of counseling, including psychodynamic, transpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, and person-centered approaches.

Personal coaching

is a process based on the client's goals and objectives. A coach uses inquiry, reflection, requests and discussions to help the client clarify their goals. Then the coach facilitates the client's process of developing strategies and action plans to achieve his or her goals.

Both are forms of personal counseling. Personal counseling may be available in many disciplines:

Counseling, including Marriage, Relationship, and Holistic Counseling, Psychotherapy, or Therapy, Coaching, including Career and Personal Coaching, Socialwork.

These forms of personal counseling use many different tools, but at the core, each has the goal of helping you live an emotionally healthy life that is productive and happy.

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance covers a spectrum from pastoral counseling – integrating behavioral sciences with religious resources – to spiritual counselors who transmit guidance to the client from the Spirit. Spiritual guidance is appropriate for those who have lost a loved one, feel they have committed a transgression, or seek to strengthen their relationship with God.

A pastoral counselor is defined as 'a minister who practices pastoral counseling at an advanced level which integrates religious resources with insights from the behavioral sciences.' A pastoral counselor may do much the same work as secular counselors, but with the added benefit of theological understanding and religious training. Although pastoral counselors are faith based, they also have the benefit of psychological training, including: family systems, stages of faith development, spiritual assessment, and social work.

Spiritual directors are guides, mentors and companions on your spiritual journey. They approach life issues from a spiritual direction, asking 'Where is God in this situation?' Spiritual direction is a conversation in which a client consults a more spiritually experienced person about the ways in which God may be touching his or her life. Spiritual direction can assist us in growing closer to God (or the sacred, the holy or a higher power).

Spiritual counselors tune in to the 'still small voice' of the Spirit, and assists clients to hear the messages in their heart. They help us listen to that voice. Spiritual coaches may receive intuitive information, visualizations, and other information from spiritual realms, and offer this information to the client as a catalyst to support them in making desired changes.

No matter the issues you face, there is a counselor or coach or guide available to support you. If you are stuck in body, mind or spirit, search for a Health Coach, Personal Counselor, or Spiritual Guide in your zipcode – or search by state.
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