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Natural Childbirth, Doula

(updated 8/16/2011)

Business name
city, state
 Newborn Care Specialist, Night Baby Nurse and Postpartum Doula
Redondo Beach, CA
- Specialized in Sleep training, Weaning from Breasfeeding, Schedules and Routines, Los Angeles - Ca. Business affiliationsmore info
 Doulamoon Complete and Caring Chidlbirth Services
Santa Rosa, CA, CA
- Birth Doula, Childbirth, VBAC, Grandparent and Sibling Classes plus much more!.FaceBook page more info
 • Infant Sleep Trainer - Doula Services / Postpartum care
Redondo Beach, CA
- Postpartum Care / Baby Nurse - Doula Services.  more info
 • Newborn Nanny Care Specialist / Night Nanny/ Postpartum Doula
Santa Monica, CA
- Newborn Nanny Care Specialist / Night Nanny? Postpartum Doula.  more info
 • Birth Blessings Childbirth
Escondido, CA
- Birth Doula care | Bradley Method® classes | Birth Photography.FaceBook pageBusiness affiliations more info
 • Revelation Midwifery-Quincy Bates CPM, LM
Yucca Valley, CA
- Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). Business affiliations more info
B*E*S*T Doula Service
Alhambra, CA
- Birth Empowerment Support Team (B*E*S*T) Doula Service. Business affiliationsmore info
Debbie Fitzgerald
Aliso, CA
- Educating and Supporting You through the Miracle of Life. Business affiliationsmore info
Sara Marcus
Aliso, CA
- Caring Support Throughout Pregnancy, Labor and Breastfeeding.. Business affiliationsmore info
Doula Tarcy
Aliso Viejo, CA
- Make your birth a beautiful experience..  more info
Bunny's Postpartum Doula Care
Anaheim, CA
- Postpartum Care.  more info
OC Doula Service
Anaheim Hills, CA
- Certified Postpartum doula/baby nurse in Orange & Los Angeles. Days, Eves, Overnight..  more info
Robin Allec Soothing Touch Doula Service
Apple Valley, CA
- Birth Doula, Hypnobabies Instructors, Student Midwife. Business affiliationsmore info
Connie Hasley
Arroyo, CA
- DONA Certified Birth Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Deborah Bartle
Auburn, CA
- California Licensed Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife, & Certified Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Juanita Rivas-Raymer
Azusa, CA
- Birth Doula and Yoga Instructor. Business affiliationsmore info
Tender Doula Hands
Bakersfield, CA
- Birth doula, labor support at homebirth, hospital, birth center, breastfeeding (Bakersfield, Ca.).  more info
Barbara's Natural Alternatives
Bakersfield, CA
- Certified Birth Doula, Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Infant Massage Therapist. Business affiliationsmore info
Body Awareness Birth Institute
Benicia, CA
- Birth Yoga Training.  more info
Anna Bahnson
Berkeley, CA
- Birth and Postpartum Doula, 'Birthing From Within' Childbirth Mentor. Business affiliationsmore info
Conny Bleul-Gohlke
Berkeley, CA
- Birth Doula, Massage, Breastfeeding Support, Childbirth Education. Business affiliationsmore info
Ann Haynes
Berkeley, CA
- Birth & Postpartum Doula, Infant Massage,. Business affiliationsmore info
Constance Williams
Berkeley, CA
- Certified Birth Doula, Lamaze Childbirth Educator, Lactation and Newborn Massage Instructor. Business affiliationsmore info
Open Heart Doula Training
Berkeley, CA
- Doula Training toward DONA Certification. Business affiliationsmore info
Sabine Henrie
Berkeley, CA
- Postpartum Doula, Bradley Method Instructor, Massage Therapist. Business affiliationsmore info
The Nest | Lauraina Levwood
Berkeley, CA
- Gentle & Affirming Birth Doula Support, Holistic Massage for Mama & Baby, Postpartum Overnight Care.FaceBook pageBusiness affiliationsmore info
Rachel Alkire
Berkley, CA
- Birth Doula, Infant Massage. Business affiliationsmore info
Kimberly Duggan-Quaglia
Burbank, CA
- Birth and Postpartum Doula Services. Business affiliationsmore info
Tara Stivers
Camarillo, CA
- labor support, breastfeeding consultations and classes, childbirth education, prenatal yoga classes. Business affiliationsmore info
Christine Olszewski
Campbell, CA
- Doula Service for the South Bay. Business affiliationsmore info
Karla Grensted
Cardiff, CA
- Doula, Lactation Educator, Pregnancy Massage, Swedish, Thai Massage. Business affiliationsmore info
Donna Hayes
Carlsbad, CA
- Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
New Earth Midwifery- Homebirth Sacramento
Carmichael, CA
- Certified Nurse Midwife providing homebirth and waterbirth services in Sacramento..  more info
Table Mountain Birth Services
Chico, CA
- Butte County: Chico, Oroville, Paradise Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator.  more info
Constant Comfort Birth Doula Services
Chico, CA
- Chico Doula Services.  more info
Chico Doula Services, Stacie Bingham
Chico, CA
- Childbirth Education, Birth Doula Services, Breastfeeding Counseling, Belly-Casting.  more info
sacred beginnings birth services
chico, CA
- Pre/postnatal yoga, doula services, childbirth preparation, massage.  more info
Babies in Chico
Chico, CA
- Natural Baby Products.  more info
AquaNatal Birth Center
Chino, CA
- Licensed Midwifery Offering Waterbirth in the Inland Empire - We Honor Your Choice!.  more info
Ancient Paths Midwifery & Family Birth Center
Chino, CA
- Safe, personalized and holistic birthing in comfort and privacy!.  more info
Deanna Barberino
Chula, CA
- Enhancing the Miracle of Life. Business affiliationsmore info
Heather LeMaster
Chula, CA
- continuous physical, emotional and informational support . Business affiliationsmore info
Gentle Beginning
Citrus Heights, CA
- The Bradley Method classes and birth doula services.  more info
Natalie Farmer
Clovis, CA
- Certified Birth Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Lisa M Gartin
Clovis, CA
- The journey to having the Birth you want begins right here!. Business affiliationsmore info
Little Papoose Birth Doula
Corona, CA
- Personalized labor and delivery support.  more info
Gwendolyn Lipsey
Culver, CA
- What can I do for you as a postpartum doula?. Business affiliationsmore info
Nurtured Mommy Happy Baby
Culver City, CA
- Birth and Postpartum Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Westside Doula
Culver City, CA
- Committed to helping you find easy passage into the world of pregnancy, labor, delivery and new pare.  more info
Verneta Gilbertson
Culver City, CA
- Blooming Belly Doulas - Birth & Postpartum services, Breastfeeding education, Childbirth Education. Business affiliationsmore info
First Connections Doula
Davis, CA
- Newborn Care, Maternal Support. Business affiliationsmore info
Cyndi Whitwell
Davis, CA
- Birth Doula certified through both ACBE and DONA.. Business affiliationsmore info
Welcome Home Doula Services
Davis, CA
- Welcome Home Doula Services.  more info
Nature Nurture Birth
El Granada, CA
- Bay Area Birth & Postpartum Doula [San Francisco/Peninsula].  more info
Helping Hands Warm Heart
El Segundo, CA
- 3 years and 50 families served. Business affiliationsmore info
Rene Knight
Elk, CA
- Birth Doula, Infant Massage. Business affiliationsmore info
Precious Birth
Encinitas, CA
- Birth Doula and HypnoBirthing Childbirth Practitoner.. Business affiliationsmore info
Belly Butterfly
Encino, CA
- 9 years and 50 families served. Business affiliationsmore info
Debra Bochinski
Escondido, CA
- Contact Debra for a free consultation. Business affiliationsmore info
Angelique Millette
Fairfax, CA
- Nurturing, Educating, and Coaching Families from Preconception through Childhood. Business affiliationsmore info
Avocado Baby~With Stacy Lewis
Fontana, CA
- Bringing Harmony to your Birth with Brio Birth.  more info
Compassion Tree
Fremont, CA
- Compassion Tree Mama Care - Doula, Mama Massage.  more info
Stacy Day
Fremont, CA
- Therapeutic Massage, Bodywork, Registered Yoga Instructor. Business affiliationsmore info
Blessed Be The Belly
Fresno, CA
- Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers..  more info
Belly Sprout
Fullerton, CA
- Natural Parenting Store. Diapers, carriers, toys, feeding supplies, resources on natural childbirth..  more info
Peggy Wehrle
Garden Grove, CA
- Peggy's Postpartum Doula Care - Orange County, South County, Long Beach. Business affiliationsmore info
Woman to Mother Doula Services
Gilroy, CA
- Providing Birth Doula/birth education. Business affiliationsmore info
Crowning Joy Birth Services
Glendale, CA
- Helping You Achieve the Birth You Want. Business affiliationsmore info
Central Coast Doulas
Goleta, CA
- Certified Postpartum Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
A Loving Way Home Birth Midwifery Services
Grass Valley, CA
- Midwifery Services - Northern California.  more info
Celine Negrete Childbirth
Grass Valley, CA
- Childbirth classes (group & private) for home or hospital birth; Birthing From Within private class..  more info
Chamberlin Childbirth
Grass Valley, CA
- Childbirth Education and Preparation.  more info
Chamberlin Childbirth
Grass Valley, CA
- Birth Doula Prenatal Counselor. Business affiliationsmore info
mama to mama
Half Moon Bay, CA
- certified Postpartum Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Confident Beginnings
Huntington Beach, CA
- Pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding and postpartum services and products.  more info
Ancient Wisdom ~ Sacred Birth: A Birth & Postpartum Practice
Inglewood, CA
- prelabor & birth support, lactation support . Business affiliationsmore info
Stefanie Miller
Irvine, CA
- The best labor and postpartum care. Business affiliationsmore info
South Coast Midwifery
Irvine, CA
- Natural Childbirth!.  more info
Peaceful Birthing Doula Business
Irvine, CA
- Certified Birth Doula providing services to Orange County, Long Beach County, Los Angeles County.  more info
Leigh Fenly
Jolla, CA
- Proudly providing doula services to all of San Diego. Business affiliationsmore info
Connie A Merritt
La Jolla, CA
- Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator, Labor/Breastfeeding Support - La Jolla & San Diego. Business affiliationsmore info
Holly Wiersma
Lafayette, CA
- Helping you through your birthing journey. Business affiliationsmore info
Birgitte Damgaard
Laguna, CA
- A head start to a better birthing experience. Business affiliationsmore info
Blessed Baby Doula
Laguna Hills, CA
- Blessed Baby Birth and Postpartum Doula Serving OC/SD/LA Counties.  more info
Sheridan Ripley
Lake, CA
- Empowering and Enjoyable Pregnancy and Birth. Business affiliationsmore info
Mireille Halley
Lakewood, CA
- Birth Doula Services, Birth Pool Rentals, Breastfeeding Classes & Counseling. Business affiliationsmore info
Integrative Childbirth Services
Lakewood, CA
- Birth Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Happiest Baby Instructor, Reiki Practitioner. Business affiliationsmore info
Birth Goddess
Lakewood, CA
- Southern California Licensed Midwife & Certified Doula.  more info
Kimberly Mathews
Lancaster, CA
- DONA trained birth doula and HypnoBirthing Practioner. Business affiliationsmore info
Labor of Love Doula Services
Lancaster, CA
- Labor and Delivery support, VBAC, home or hospital birth, Your delivery; Your way!.  more info
Tri Valley Doula -Stacy Hattori
Livermore, CA
- Certified Birth Doula - serving the Bay Area, East Bay Area. Business affiliationsmore info
Gail Barela
Long, CA
- Serving Los Angeles, South Bay, Long Beach, and Orange County Areas . Business affiliationsmore info
Earth Mama Birth Services
Long Beach, CA
- Birth and Postpartum Doula and Placenta Encapsulation.  more info
Kathrin Auger
Los, CA
- Welcome to a wonderful journey of becoming a parent!. Business affiliationsmore info
Aimee Oswald
Los, CA
- Birth Doula, Hypnobabies Childbirth Education and Hypnonsis!!. Business affiliationsmore info
Stacey Beaupre
Los, CA
- Nurture your Mother Nature!. Business affiliationsmore info
Octavia Lindlahr
Los, CA
- Birth Doula, and Infant Massage. Business affiliationsmore info
Harmony Birth
Los, CA
- Harmony for the Journey into Motherhood. Business affiliationsmore info
Silver Lake Yoga
Los, CA
- Yoga, Prenatal Classes, Mommy & Me Classes, Birth Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Gloria Tzuang, CD (DONA)
Los Altos, CA
- Birth Doula Serving Families from San Jose to San Francisco. Business affiliationsmore info
Arrival Doulas
Los Angeles, CA
- what mothers and new families need most is nurturing and gentle support. Business affiliationsmore info
Giuditta Tornetta
Los Angeles, CA
- Painless Childbirth is possible!. Business affiliationsmore info
Prima Doula
Los Angeles, CA
- Birth and Postpartum Support. Business affiliationsmore info
By Your Side Doula
Los Angeles, CA
- Certified Birth Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Atoosa Benji
Los Angeles, CA
- Bradley Birth Method. Business affiliationsmore info
Wholistic Birth Support and Childbirth Education of Southern Ca
Los Angeles, CA
- Wholistic Birth Sppt & Childbirth Educ: Supporting Informed Choices. Cultivating Trust in Birth.  more info
the conscious canopy
los angeles, CA
- the conscious canopy.  more info
Bridges Prenatal Chiropractic
Los Angeles, CA
- Naturally heal pregnancy aches, prepare for labor or help a breech baby turn.  more info
Joanne Cohen
Los Angeles, CA
- Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula, Herbalist, Flower Essence Therapist serving Los Angeles. Business affiliationsmore info
Margie Levy, Supportive Doula Services
Los Angeles, CA
- Supportive Doula Services - Margie Levy, CLD, CD(DONA), CLE. Business affiliationsmore info
Rest Assured Postpartum Doula Care & Infant Specialist
Los Angeles Orange County, CA
- Certified Postpartum Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Mar Vista, CA
- Certified Birth / Postpartum / Infant Care Specialist / Private childbirth education.  more info
Head First Doula Services
Marina, CA
- Supporting Families From Pregnancy to Parenthood. Business affiliationsmore info
Birth Rite
Mariposa, CA
- Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator. Business affiliationsmore info
Ruth Mazner
Menlo, CA
- Postpartum Doula Services by Ruth Mazner . Business affiliationsmore info
Emily Schaffer
Mill Valley, CA
- Certified Postpartum Doula and Lactation Educator. Business affiliationsmore info
Ohana Circle
Mill Valley, CA
- Education and support for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and early childhood. Business affiliationsmore info
Enricka Garcia Postpartum Doula, Lactation Educator & Sleep Consultant
Mill Valley, CA
- Postpartum Doula, Lactation Educator & Sleep Consultant.  more info
Birth Partner Services
Mission Viejo, CA
- Birth Assistant/Doula, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner. Business affiliationsmore info
Savannah McCormack
Modesto, CA
- Birth Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator. Business affiliationsmore info
Patricia K Poritzky
Monteray, CA
- D.O.N.A. certified birth doula.. Business affiliationsmore info
Michele Nizza
Monterey, CA
- Certified Birth Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Peaceful Delivery
Monterey, CA
- Birth Doula serving Monterey Bay area of California. Business affiliationsmore info
Melissa Dean
Morgan, CA
- Experienced Midwife, Doula Services. Business affiliationsmore info
Kerri Kastle
Morgan, CA
- DONA certified Doula in the California Bay Area.. Business affiliationsmore info
Karen Dobbins
Morongo Valley, CA
- Birth Doula/Midwifery Assistant. Business affiliationsmore info
Shari Saldana
Murrieta, CA
- Birth and Postpartum Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Sierra Childbirth Institute
Nevada City, CA
- Birth & Postpartum Doula services/Doula training workshops. Business affiliationsmore info
The New Parent Coach
Newbury Park, CA
- The New Parent Coach - Registered Nurse Doula.  more info
Orange County Doulas
Newport, CA
- Monitrice and Home Birth Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Ana Paula Markel
North Hollywood, CA
- Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator. Business affiliationsmore info
Jessica Berman
Oakland, CA
- Birth and Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Lactation Educator and Counsellor. Business affiliationsmore info
Ann Hayman
Oakland, CA
- Birth Doula, Newborn Massage Instructor, Lactation Educator.. Business affiliationsmore info
Felicia Roche
Oakland, CA
- Certified Doula, DONA Approved Doula Trainer, Breastfeeding Counselor, Lamaze Childbirth Educator. Business affiliationsmore info
Stacy Vogan
Oakland, CA
- Birth Doula Providing Emotional, Physical, and Informational Support. Business affiliationsmore info
Katie Bowman
Oakland, CA
- Lactation Consultant/Postpartum Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Deanna Mulder-Sauter, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Prenatal Massage
Oakland, CA
- Deanna Sauter - East Bay Doula Services, Childbirth Education, Prenatal Massage.  more info
The Art of Mothering
Oakland, CA
- Wholistic Pregnancy Wellness.  more info
Sue Coffman
Orange, CA
- Childbirth Education, Labor Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Jennifer Rode
Orangevale, CA
- Birth Doula in Orangevale. Business affiliationsmore info
Joy Weston
Pacific, CA
- Certified Birth Doula, CLC Certified Lactation Counselor, Certified Infant Massage Instructor. Business affiliationsmore info
Carolyn Wolfberg
Palm, CA
- A Labor of Love and Beyond. Birth and Postpartum Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Brio Birth Natural Childbirth
Palmdale, CA
- Brio Birth Natural Childbirth.  more info
Yoga Source
Palo, CA
- Post Natal Mom & Baby Yoga. Business affiliationsmore info
Krassimira Harwell
Palo, CA
- Thai massage therapist and a DONA certified doula.. Business affiliationsmore info
Sandra Caldwell
Palo Alto, CA
- Birth Doula, Birthing from Within Mentoring, Postpartum Doula Support. Business affiliationsmore info
Chellie Powell, CD (DONA)
Palos Verdes, CA
- Birth and Postpartum Doula . Business affiliationsmore info
Nancy S. Connelly
Pasadena, CA
- Certified Birth Doula, with over 10 years experience. Business affiliationsmore info
Serenity Birth with Yoga
Paso Robles, CA
- Birth with Yoga Retreats for couples.  more info
Tracy Greenwald, Certified Birth Doula
petaluma, CA
- Certified Birth Doula.  more info
Kathleen Tuck
Pismo Beach, CA
- Childbirth Educator, Labor and Birth Doula, Lactation Educator. Business affiliationsmore info - Laura Fontes
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
- Emotional and physical support for women in labor. Business affiliationsmore info
Mothering Hands Doula, Breastfeeding and Placenta Services
Redlands, CA
- Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Placenta Encapsulation, Breastfeeding Support, TENS rental.  more info
Serenity Birth
Redondo Beach, CA
- Serenity Birth Childbirth & Doula Services.  more info
Audrey Kalman
Redwood City, CA
- Birth and Postpartum Doula Services and Education. Business affiliationsmore info
Birthing Baby
Reseda, CA
- Los Angeles - Birthing Baby - Doula/Childbirth Classes. Business affiliationsmore info
Lyndsey Pransanna Milton
Reseda, CA
- Birth Doula and Prenatal Yoga. Business affiliationsmore info
Jane LaBelle
Rocklin, CA
- Balancing Your Energies for Health, Birth and Growth.Qi Gong and Doula Services.. Business affiliationsmore info
Connie Sultana
Rohnert, CA
- Birth Doula - birth support, childbirth classes, doula training workshops. Business affiliationsmore info
Rebecca Davis, CD(DONA)
Rohnert Park, CA
- Birth Doula Service with a SMILE!!!.  more info
Vibrant Transitions for Birth & Parenthood
Roseville, CA
- Bradley Method Childbirth Classes & Bringing Baby Home Workshops.  more info
Blissful Birth Day Doula Services
Roseville, CA
- Birth Doula Support - Serving Sacramento and Surrounding Areas.FaceBook page more info
Downtown Doula
Sacramento, CA
- Natural Childbirth | Birth and Postpartum Doula.  more info
Serenity Birth
Sacramento, CA
- Sacramento Birth Doula.  more info
Renée Dall, Bradley Method Instructor and Postpartum Doula
Sacramento, CA
- offering natural childbirth classes and postpartum doula services in Midtown Sacramento.  more info
Sacramento Lamaze Childbirth Class
Sacramento, CA
- Sacramento Lamaze Childbirth Class.  more info
My Three Doulas
Sacramento, CA
- Team of Three Expereinced Doulas Suppporting the Sacramento Area. Business affiliationsmore info
Loving Hands Doula Service
Sacramento, CA
- Prenatal & Birth Support and Lactation Specialist, Serving Sacramento & surrounding areas. Business affiliationsmore info
The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth and Certified Doula
Sacramento, CA
- The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth and Doula Services.  more info
Bundle of Joy Doula Care
San, CA
- Prenatal Care, Labor and Birth Support. Business affiliationsmore info
Stacey Scarborough
San, CA
- Labor and Postpartum Doula Services. Business affiliationsmore info
Melitta Hoder
San, CA
- Postpartum Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Patti Mills Fordham
San, CA
- Massage and Doula Services. Business affiliationsmore info
With Child Massage and Birthing Services
San, CA
- Certified Birth Doula, Liscensed Massage Therapist. Business affiliationsmore info
Babies Best Births
San Clemente, CA
- Bradley Birth Educator and Natural Parenting Source.  more info
Just Doula It
San Diego, CA
- Doula, Bradley Method® Instructor.  more info
Viki Bettis
San Diego, CA
- Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator. Business affiliationsmore info
Trisha Olow
San Diego, CA
- Doula Services & Childbirth Preparation.FaceBook pageBusiness affiliationsmore info
Maggie Tucker
San Diego, CA
- Birth Doula and HypnoBirthing. Business affiliationsmore info
North Country Doulas
San Diego, CA
- Postpartum and Lactation Support. Business affiliationsmore info
Andrea J. Liddle
San Diego, CA
- Embody a Deeper Connection - yoga, doula, massage. Business affiliationsmore info
Doula Sue
San Francisco, CA
- Yoga and Doula Services. Business affiliationsmore info
Tracey Silar Lebeck
San Francisco, CA
- Professional Labor and PostPartum Doula - Serving the Bay Area. Business affiliationsmore info
A San Francisco Doula
San Francisco, CA
- Birth Doula- Helping Moms in the San Francisco Bay Area to have the birth that THEY want..  more info
Apotheca Skin Body Wellness
San Francisco, CA
- Apotheca Skin Body Wellness- Holistic Skin, Body and Baby in San Francisco, CA.  more info
MaryLou Alberts
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
- Birth & Postpartum Doula, Specializing in Overnights with Twins. Business affiliationsmore info
Patricia Madden
San Jose, CA
- Doulaing the South Bay Area for over ten years. Business affiliationsmore info
Jennifer Neira Heystek
San Leandro, CA
- Licensed Midwife. Business affiliationsmore info
Trina Baker Dart
San Louis Obispo, CA
- Certified Birth Doula.FaceBook pageBusiness affiliationsmore info
Central Coast Midwifery
San Luis Obispo, CA
- Central Coast Midwifery services!.  more info
LA Harbor Health Group, Inc.
San Pedro, CA
- DONA certified birth doula and Mssage Therapist.  more info
Birthing Babies~ A Celebration of Life, LLC
San Ramon, CA
- Labor Support, Breastfeeding Support, and Childbirth Education. Business affiliationsmore info
Nikole Paulos Gabrielli
Santa, CA
- I am a Licensed Midwife (LM, CPM) and a certified doula with DONA . Business affiliationsmore info
Megan Bunch
Santa, CA
- Doula ~ Childbirth Educator ~ Prenatal Yoga Instructor. Business affiliationsmore info
Birth and Beyond Postpartum Services
Santa Monica, CA
- Birth and Beyond Postpartum Services. Business affiliationsmore info
Cheryl K Baker
Santa Monica, CA
- Childbirth Education, Labor and Postpartum Doula services. Business affiliationsmore info
Complete and Caring Childbirth Support
Santa Rosa, CA
- I provide childbirth education, doula support, postpartum doula support and doula training. .  more info
Beautiful Beginnings
Santa Rosa, CA
- Beautiful Beginnings Birth Doula Services.  more info
Jaime Gorman Birth Doula
Santa Rosa, CA
- Birth Doula in Sonoma County.  more info
Sonoma County Doulas
Santa Rosa, CA
- Providing Knowledgeable and Caring Pregnancy and Birth Support throughout the North Bay.  more info
Santana MacInnes
Santa Rosa, CA
- Loving Doula - Santa Rosa.  more info
Walker Karraa
Sherman, CA
- Certified Birth Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Birthing in Beauty
Sherman Oaks, CA
- Birth Doula and Educator, Vital Development Biodanza Facilitator.FaceBook page more info
Nerissa Velten
Simi, CA
- Certified Birth Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Doulas of the South Bay
South Bay, CA
- bringing compassion, calm, knowledge and experience to the birth and postpartum environment. Business affiliationsmore info
Lisa Burke
Temecula, CA
- Certified Postpartum Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Robin Kay
Temecula, CA
- Birth Doula,Childbirth Educator, Hypnobirthing Practitioner. Business affiliationsmore info
Doris Postpartum Doula Care
Temecula, CA
- Certified Postpartum Doula Specializing in Multiples. Business affiliationsmore info
Sundance Childbirth Services
Thousand Oaks, CA
- DONA Certified Birth Doula.  more info
DeAnne Todd
Toluca, CA
- Best Doula, serving the Los Angeles Area. Business affiliationsmore info
Birth Option Services
Torrance, CA
- Husband/Wife Team Teach Natural Childbirth Breastfeeding Classes, Birth Doula, Birthing Tub Rental.  more info
Ellie Shea
Torrance, CA
- Birth Doula Training. Business affiliationsmore info
Jennifer Wheeler
Trabuco Canyon, CA
- Birth Doula in Long Beach, Santa Ana, Riverside, Temecula, Vista, Oceanside. Business affiliationsmore info
Sheila Cameron, CD(DONA)
Tracy, CA
- Over 1,200 hours of labor experience.FaceBook pageBusiness affiliationsmore info
Sharon Mayo
Truckee, CA
- Sharon Mayo Retired Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator. Business affiliationsmore info
Cheri Masek, Doula
Tujunga, CA
- "Welcoming LIfe Gently". Business affiliationsmore info
Peachy Keen Birth Services
Upland, CA
- Peachy Keen Birth Services - Natural Childbirth Classes & Birth Doula in the Inland Empire.  more info
Childbirth Education Specialists
Vacaville, CA
- DONA Approved Doula Trainer. Business affiliationsmore info
Darla Burns
Valencia, CA
- Doula Services and Educator. Business affiliationsmore info
Yvonne Novak
Valenica, CA
- Birth doula, Childbirth Education, Lactation Support.. Business affiliationsmore info
Aria Birthing
Vallejo, CA
- Supportive, empowering doula care..FaceBook page more info
Lilly Meehan, Childbirth Education
Ventura, CA
- Lilly Meehan, Childbirth Education.  more info
Joanne Goulbourne
west hollywood, CA
- birth doula and postpartum doula. Business affiliationsmore info
Stephanie Knol
Whittier, CA
- Birth Doula - emotional, physical, and informational support. Business affiliationsmore info
Doula Birth Services
Wildomar, CA
- Doula Birth Services in Temecula.  more info
Shelia Cochran Feldman
Winnetka, CA
- Birth Doula and Bradley® Natural Childbirth Classes. Business affiliationsmore info
Kathi Harris-McFarland
Woodland, CA
- Birth and PostPartum Doula. Business affiliationsmore info
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Sage Creek

organic cotton and hemp products   positively beautiful organic baby clothes

Bringing the richness of organic cotton and the values of fair trade into the lives of our children    

  My Little Green Shop, an affordable eco-friendly lifestyle boutique

Made in U.S.A. - Safe Non-Toxic Toy  

Earth Mama Angel Baby   natural and organic products for you & your baby