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Your dairy supply of milk and dairy products should be from organic milk. Raw milk and goat milk are good dairy foods if they are organic dairy. Check free range eggs and cage free eggs to insure they are organic eggs. Other milk products and goat milk product and organic yogurt are available.

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Paid listings with Organic Dairy / eggs as Primary category
 Pure Indian Foods - GrassFed Organic Ghee (Clarified Butter) (Lawrenceville, NJ)
 Fermented Treasures - Fermented Treasures Natural Yogurt Cultures (Stella, MO)
 Traders Point Creamery - We are a 100% grass-fed organic dairy & ice cream company sold east of Mississippi River. (Zionsville, IN)
 St Claire Foods, Inc. - Butter Chef Organic Flavored Gourmet Butters, Chef Butter, Finishing Butter, Compound Butter (Ferndale, CA)

Paid listings with Organic Dairy / eggs as 2nd category
 C and C Smith Farm - All natural, organic pork, chicken, eggs, produce. (Port Orange, FL)
 • Swissland Cheese Co. - Organic,Grassfed Cheeses made by hand in old world tradition.. (Berne, IN)
 • Dr. Kelly's OPD CSA - Dr. Kelly's CSA Brings Organic Pastures Raw dairy products back to LakeTahoe every Tuesday noon-2pm. (Floriston, CA)
 • Vantage USA - Wholesale Organic Meats and Foods. (Chicago, IL)

Paid listings with Organic Dairy / eggs as 3rd category
 Freedom Organix - CSA delivering to Northwest Chicago Suburbs, Free Range Eggs, Pastured Poultry and Grass Fed Beef (Harvard, IL)
 McSmiths Organic Farm - McSmiths Organic Farm (St. Thomas, ON)
 Natural Direct LLC - We Bring The Freshest Local Organic Produce Right To Your Door (Oswego, IL)
 My Chef Mayra A Caribbean and Vegan Cuisine Private Chef - A Vegan and Caribbean Chef In Las Vegas.. Organic Products (Las Vegas, NV)
 • EarthwiZe Farms - EarthwiZe Farms- Cert. natuarally grown produce delv. to your home or business in the CSRA.. (Williston, SC)

Paid listings with Organic Dairy / eggs as 4th category
 Girlfarm/Growforme Farms - A Sustainable Farm and Teaching Center (Reno, NV)
 Destiny Produce - Destiny Produce - Certified Organic Distributor (Forest Park, GA)
 • BisBari - HealthyBite - Kosher Organic and Vegetarian Gourmet Cuisine. (Jerusalem, Israel)

Paid listings with Organic Dairy / eggs as 5th category

Free listings with Organic Dairy / eggs as Primary category
 • Morningland Dairy Farms Inc. - Free Range Dairy Products. (Mountain View, MO)
 • Sant'Anna Organic Farm - Sant'Anna Organic Farm - Organic Pecorino. (Monteroni DíArbia (Si), Italy)
 • Mesquite Creek Farm - Farm fresh dairy products from North Texas. (Wichita Falls, TX)
 • Noris Dairy - Home Delivery, Fresh Organic Milk, Eggs, Cheese and More. Non-Homogonized, Low pasturized (Oregon). (Crabtree, OR)
 • Holesinger Farm - Holesinger Farm / Brown Swiss Micro Dairy. (Stockton, IL)
 • Buckeye Grove Farm Cheese, LLC - .Licensed farmstead cheese ,using unpasteurized, hormone free milk. (Beallsville, OH)
 • Smiling Hill Farm - Dairy farm with market, local, natural & organic Maine foods.. (Westbrook, ME)
 • Kalona Organics - Marketing company that sells minimally processed organic foods from small organic farms.. (Kalona, IA)
 • Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery - Goat milk products.. (Sebastopol, CA)
 • Halleyville Ranch - Free Range ckicken eggs.. (Stanwood, WA)
 • Wake Robin Farm CSA - Dairy products.. (Jordan, NY)
 • Clover Stornetta Farms - Our cows are raised on certified organic farms where they are free to graze. (Petaluma, CA)
 • Stonyfield Farm - natural refrigerated yogurts, frozen yogurts and ice cream. (Londonderry, NH)
 • Coonridge Organic Goat Cheese - Certified Organic Goat Cheese from the wilds of New Mexico!. (Pie Town, NM)
 • Harmony Dairy - Harmony Dairy - Milk the way Nature Intended. (Westminster, SC)
 • Calon Wen Organic Milk - Milk from our cows, milked by us. Fresh from Wales!. (Whitland, Carmarthenshire, Wales, United-Kingdom)
 • Farm Fresh Delivery LLC - Home Milk Delivery. (Graham, WA)
 • Nest Fresh Eggs - cage free and organic eggs . (Broomfield, CO)
 • Glenwood Foods - Horizon certified organic eggs, certified organic feeds. (Jetersville, VA)
 • Mahaffey Farm Grade A Raw Goat Dairy - Natural Raw Goat Milk. (Lancaster, SC)
 • Wisconsin Organics - we're proud of the fresh, natural dairy products we put on your family's table. (Thorp, WI)
 • Broken B Ranch - Pastured Raised Poultry, Eggs, Lamb, Rabbit & Turkey. (Natalia, TX)
 • Black Hen Farm - Eggs from Rescued Chickens. (Santa Cruz, CA)
 • Heather Meadows Farm - Organic Eggs. (Ferndale, United States)
 • Starlight dairy, inc. - Home Delivery Organic Milk. (Westchester, NY)
 • JR'S Country Acres - Free Range eggs. (Lake Mills, WI)
 • Seven Stars Farm - Produces Seven Stars Organic Yogurt. (Phoenixville, PA)
 • JaKo, Inc. - Raw all grass dairy products. (Hutchinson, KS)
 • Nezinscot Farm - organic dairy.. (Turner, ME)
 • Butterworks Farm - - - - - - - -. (Westfield, VT)
 • Wilcox Farms Family - Delivers fresh dairy products 24 hours a day. (Roy, WA)
 • Hartzler Family Dairy - All-Natural Glass Bottle Milk and Butter. (Wooster, OH)
 • Hillside Acres - Any size brown eggs. (Genesee, PA)
 • Chino Valley Ranchers - Cage Free eggs from Chino Valley Ranchers mean that our flocks are not kept in small cages. (Arcadia, CA)
 • Wisconsin Organics - True organic dairy. (Thorp, WI)
 • Cedar Grove Cheese - Organic and rBGH-free cheeses. (Plain, WI)
 • Windy Ridge Natural Farms - Organic chicken & eggs. (Alfred, NY)
 • La Divina Gelateria - Artisan Gelato & Sorbetto. (New Orleans, LA)
 • Double G Ranch - Organic Eggs, Hens, chicks and more. (Leicester, NC)
 • Piney River Organics LLC - Organic Year-Round Supply of Free-Range Brown Eggs. (Piney River, VA)
 • Alger Family Farm, LLC - Pastured poultry, grassfed lamb and goat meat, free range eggs, and more. (Miller, MO)
 • Asheville Farm - Free range, organically fed chickens and eggs, chemical free fruits and vegetables. (Leicester, NC)
 • Emma's Family Farm - Emma's Family Farm, fresh eggs year round raising natural pastured poultry, pork and garden produce.. (Windsor, ME)
 • Barn Goddess Goat Cheese Products - Barn Goddess Goat Cheese Products and Chile Acres Farms Produce Natural Products. (Tonopah, AZ)
 • Todd Farm - Todd Farm Offers Quality Natural Beef & Fresh Eggs. (Fulton, MO)
 • Farmstead Fresh Inc - One Step Above Organic, grass fed raw milk gourmet quality farm made cheese. (Winfield, PA)
 • Straus Family Creamery - Full line of organic dairy products with milk from our own family farm.. (Marshall, CA)
 • Windsor Dairy, LLC - Providing Certified Organic Products: Raw Milk Cowshares, Grassfed Beef, Grassfed Cheese. (Windsor, CO)
 • Dry Creek Farms - Dry Creek Farms. (Morrow, OH)
 • Triple H Ranch, Texas Organic Beef, Lamb and Kid (goat) - Triple H Ranch Texas Organic Free Range Beef, Lamb and Kid, (Goat). (Ben Franklin, TX)
 • Wanders - Natural Pork and Beef, egss limited supply call first. (Bangor, MI)
 • Stiebrs Farms, Inc - Certified Humane100% Organic Eggs & Certified Humane Cage Free Eggs. Natural Duck Eggs and Beef. (Yelm, WA)
 • Meadowset Farm & Apiary - Meadowset Farm, Milksheep, Bees and more.... (Landenberg, PA)
 • Golden Egg Farm - Free Range Chicken Eggs from Colorful, Happy Chickens. (Hardwick, MA)
 • Natural By Nature - grass-fed, organic milk and milk by-products. (Avondale, PA)
 • Wilder Oaks Farm - Sustainable Family Farm. (Ovalo, TX)
 • Emma Eggs - Farm Fresh Organic Eggs and Local Flagstaff Botanical Products. (Flagstaff, AZ)
 • Blue Barn Products - Raw Goat Milk Shares, Chicken & Duck Eggs, Goat Milk Soap, Goat Kids for Sale (Parker/Elizabeth, CO). (Parker, CO)
 • Ohio Organic Family Farms - Ohio Organic Family Farms - Organic milk sold throughout Ohio. (Utica, OH)
 • Homestead Farms - Natural.Local.Fresh.. (Keller, TX)
 • Deer Hill Ranch - Organic Eggs. (Lafayette, CA)
 • Pine Stump Farms - Raw milk aged goat cheese. (Omak, WA)
 • The Hudson Milk Co., Inc. - Organic Milk Delivery. (Shrub Oak, NY)
 • The Lands at Hillside Farms - Hillside Gold Milk - from our own herd of grass-based Jerseys - sold in glass bottles. (Shavertown, PA)
 • DnA Place - DnA Place Nutrient dense foods . (Live Oak, FL)
 • Garden Patch Farm - At Garden Patch Farm, everything is certified naturally grown.. (Pinckney, MI)
 • Good Earth Farm LLC - Raw goat milk dairy, grass-fed lamb, free-range eggs. (Celeste, TX)
 • Meadow Stone Farm - Grade A raw goats' milk dairy, raw aged & pasteurized cheeses, luxury goat milk skincare products.. (Brooklyn, CT)
 • Eggology, Inc Egg Whites - Eggology Egg Whites. (Canoga Park, CA)
 • Globallypure - Raw Milk for pick up - Chicago Western Suburbs. (Downers Grove, IL)

Free listings with Organic Dairy / eggs as 2nd category
 • RIC, Inc. - a commission based company representing natural, organic and conventional producers and vendors . (Riverside, IL)
 • Food You Can Trust - FYCT is your site for information about food, sustainability, soil, farming and much more!. (Manor, TX)
 • Ridgeline Farms - Ridgeline Farms Local Family Farm - Fruits, Vegatables, Herbs and Eggs. (Alpine, CA)
 • Hip Drip Cafe - Hip Drip Cafe-great coffee, great food, low milks, syrups, coffee and good eats. (Portland, OR)
 • Just Dairy - Your farm-fresh, unprocessed milk brought closer to you around Boston. (Manchester, MA)
 • JJR Family Farm - JJR Family Farm Certified Organic Beef, Pork, and Poultry Products. (Tebbetts, MO)
 • Miller Farm - Organic turkeys, fryers, and eggs.. (Kalona, IA)
 • Bart's Homemade/Snow's Nice Cream - Educate consumers and other producers about the negative effects of GMO's. (Greenfield, MA)
 • Lifeway Foods, Inc. - Organic kefir and other dairy products. (Morton Grove, IL)
 • NuCal Foods, Inc. - Eggs - Organic and Specialty. (Ripon, CA)
 • Egg Innovations, LLC - Organic and Cage Free Eggs. (Port Washington, WI)
 • Mori Milk and Ice Cream Co. Inc. - organic milk distrributor. (Franklin Park, IL)
 • DCI Cheese Company, Inc. - Our brands represent the best-loved domestic and imported cheeses from around the world.. (Richfield, WI)
 • Farmer's Organic Foods International - Organic and certified humane cage free egg products. . (Blair, WI)
 • Nancy's Yogurt/Springfield Creamery - Organic yogurt, soy, cottage cheese, and sour cream.. (Eugene, OR)
 • Schacht Fleece & Meat Farm - Holistic management for great beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and eggs in Bloomington, Indiana.. (Bloomington, IN)
 • Green Hills Harvest - Real butter and cream from grassfed crossbred cows + meats!. (Purdin, MO)
 • Next Generation Organic Dairy - We're In Business To Keep Farmers In Business. (Mondovi, WI)
 • Seven Sons Meat Company - All-Natural Grass-fed Meat Products. (Roanoke, IN)
 • Natural Acres - Producer and marketer of organic foods. (Millersburg, PA)
 • Jack's Farm - North Coventry PA's Local, Polyculture, Boutique Farm. (Pottstown, PA)
 • Grass Fed Farms - Grass Fed Farms. (Fort Branch, IN)
 • Liberty Family Farm, LLC - Grass fed Lamb and Beef, Pastured Poultry (Chicken/Turkey/Duck), Pork, and Eggs.. (Hart, MI)
 • Oliver Farms - Meats free of chemicals, hormones and vaccinations. (Fostoria, MI)
 • Taylor Egg Products, Inc. - Supplier of Pasteurized Whole Egg/Supplier of Organic Shell Eggs(New Hampshire). (Madbury, NH)
 • 2silos - 2silos - organic pastured poultry. (Mt. Gilead, OH)
 • K.t.'s Chickens & Things - Eggs, Chickens and Guinea. (Guys Mills, PA)
 • Heirloom Country Farms - Heirloom Country Farms . (Archer, FL)
 • Davis Creek Farm - Davis Creek Farm -- Grass-fed Beef and Pastured Poultry. (Lovingston, VA)
 • Gulfport Produce Coop - Organic Produce Coop. (Gulfport, FL)
 • Woodsong Hollow Farm - Woodsong Hollow Pasture-Raised Lamb, Goat, Chicken, Turkey and Eggs. (Boyertown, PA)
 • Meadow Run Farm - Meadow Run Farm - Pastured beef, lamb, pork, and chicken; no hormones or antiobiotics. (Lititz, PA)
 • Danda Farms - Organic Beef & Dairy, Raw Milk,Yogurt& Cheese & Cage-Free Eggs. (Manheim, PA)
 • Houles Ranch - Farm fresh eggs range chickens, Meat and dairy goats. (Buena Vista, CO)
 • Holesinger Farm - Holesinger Farm / Micro Dairy / Natural Organic Foods. (Stockton, IL)
 • Gardens Of Organic Diversity - Produce, Eggs and Poultry the Old Fashioned Way. (Minonk, IL)
 • Greener Vision Farms - Locally grown produce and pastured eggs in the Killeen, Cove, Lampasas area!. (Kempner, TX)
 • Ely Farmers' Market - Ely Farmers Market , the market with 'The Shortest Growing Season Of Any Farmers Market In MN.'. (Ely, MN)
 • Bindel Farm - Vegetables, Eggs, Grass Fed Free Range Chickens, Turkeys, and Pigs. (Spencer, OH)
 • Gateway Farm - Alpacas and More. (Scio, OR)
 • Adam Glyn-Jones - the September Organic Dairy range of Organic Ice Cream. Made in rural Herefordshire. (Hereford, United-Kingdom)
 • Pondini Imports, Inc. - High quality, handcrafted culinary delights from Italy.. (Somerset, NJ)
 • Manda Organic Farm - Organically raised heritage breed meats, eggs, milk and vegetables.. (Plainfield, MA)
 • Uber Organic - Fresh and Friendly Organic Delivery for North West London. (London, United-Kingdom)
 • J & K Certified Organic Poultry - Certified Organic, Pastured Poultry. (Columbus, WI)
 • Gateway Natural Meats - Gateway Natural Meats where life and health are valued.. (Bellevue, IA)
 • Door to Door Organics - Organic Home Delivery - Door to Door Organics. (Pipersville, PA)
 • Alla's Romantic Getaway Bed and Breakfast Inn Dallas Tx. - Alla's B&B (organic breakfast, free parking & WI-FI internet connection) Inn downtown Dallas, Tx.. (Dallas, TX)
 • EZ Rocking Ranch - Grassfed Beef, Chickens and Pork. (Recluse, WY)
 • Windy Acres Farm - Organic Fruit, Vegtables, and Eggs!. (Waxahachie, TX)
 • Prairie Wind Farm - B & B; pasture-raised beef; naturally-grown vegetables and eggs. (Carmine, TX)
 • 1844 House An American Bistro - Fine American Regional Cuisine with an emphasis on fresh local vegetables, meats, & cheeses.. (Potsdam, NY)
 • North County Farm - Goatshare Dairy @ North County Farm. (Fort Collins, CO)
 • Hicks Dairy - We deliver fresh organic milk to Southern Michigan.. (North Branch, MI)
 • Sage Moon Naturals - Farming the past; Ensuring the future. (Excelsior Springs, MO)
 • Renetta's Organic Oasis - A Paradise of organic, natural and local foods.. (Utica, OH)
 • Heritage Farm - Heritage Farm Licensed Grade A Raw Milk Dairy, CSA, Pasture raised eggs. (Friday Harbor, WA)
 • Trautman Family Farm - Organic Farm, Grassfed Beef, Pork, Poultry & Farm Store items, minutes from Madison. (Stoughton, WI)
 • Homegrown Organic Eatery - Great and Healthy T.C. Restaurant!. (Traverse City, MI)
 • Kejara's Bridge - Leelanau County's Premier Dining Experience. (Lake Leelanau, MI)
 • Greenling Organics - Information on making organics practical and convenient. (Austin, TX)
 • Pennypack Farm Education Center - CSA and Education Center. (Horsham, PA)
 • Oberlin Market - Health Food Store - Oberlin Market. (Oberlin, OH)
 • Agriculture & Health Alive, LLC - Organic farmers & educators - natural products for home & farm. (Marne, MI)

Free listings with Organic Dairy / eggs as 3rd category
 • Stonewall Farm - Selling all natural, pasture raised, chicken, pork, goat, sheep, beef...and greenhouse veg. (Evansville, IN)
 • DiVita Organics - DiVita Organics - Buying Club for Organic Produce-Local / some Dairy (Tampa Bay,FL). (Oldsmar, FL)
 • St. Fairsted - St. Fairsted. (Conroe, TX)
 • Valley End Farms - Valley End Farms. (Santa Rosa, CA)
 • Pinnacle Farms - Pinnacle Farms. (Roslin, NS)
 • Genesis Growers - Locally Grown with Love and Dedication. (St. Anne, IL)
 • BlueStar Acres CSA - BlueStar Acres CSA - Fresh Produce Delivered to Your Door. (Rosharon, TX)
 • Sweet Pea CSA in Brooklyn Heights - Community Supported Agriculture in Brooklyn Heights. (Brooklyn, NY)
 • Common Good Farm - Biodynamic & organic CSA, produce, & organic eggs!. (Raymond, NE)
 • Breychaks Blue Egg Farm - Farm Fresh Eggs and Poultry. (Columbia Station, OH)
 • Suburban Organics - offering home delivery, cooperatives & shipping of organic fruits, vegetables& much more!. (Voorhees, NJ)
 • Silverbrook and Six Farms CSA - Bringing local farmers together with local consumers! . (Dartmouth, MA)
 • Organic Choices - Organic Choices-organic grassfed beef at local farmers market and local delivery. (Cedar Rapids, IA)
 • Organic Valley - Organic foods.. (La Farge, WI)
 • Pennington Hollow Farm - Pennington Hollow Farm - Community Supported Agriculture (Brookville). (Brookville, IN)
 • Home Grown Wisconsin - Certified organic cooperative CSA. (Madison, WI)
 • American Pasturage, Inc. - All natural pastured beef, veal, and lamb - no pharmaceuticals / no confinement. (Marionville, MO)
 • Shaggyhill Farm & Feed - Shaggyhill Farm & Feed. (Bethany, CT)
 • Thorn Acres - Thorn Acres. (Muscotah, KS)
 • Whippoorwill Hollow Organic Farm - Certified Organic Vegetables, Blueberries, Eggs, Broilers. (Covington, GA)
 • Comite de Agricultores Organicos del Suroeste - Feria de Agricultura Organica del Suroeste. (Boqueron, Puerto-Rico)
 • Hunter Crossing Farm - Welcome to Hunter Crossing Farm. (Little Falls, NY)
 • Patio Cafe - Patio Cafe. (Fresno, CA)
 • Swissland Acres - Grass-fed products. (Glen Rock, PA)
 • Pampatike Organic Farm - Pampatike Organic Farm. (King William, VA)
 • Green Toe Ground Farm - Biodynamic, organic produce direct from the farmers that care for and grow it. Veggies and more. (Burnsville, NC)
 • Neptune Farm - Organic meat and produce. (Salem, NJ)
 • Abbott's Garden - Abbott's Garden - Market Garden & CSA. (New Milford, PA)
 • Shady Blue Acres - Community Supported Agriculture. (Richland Center, WI)
 • Birdsong Community Farm - Natural. Sustainable. Local.. (Cullman, AL)
 • The Master's Ranch - Grass-finished Beef & Lamb, pastured eggs, wool products, soap. (Laclede, MO)
 • Morangie Farm LLC - Naturally grown direct-to-market vegetables and herbs.. (Peapack, NJ)
 • Wolf Pine Farm - Community Supported Agriculture in southern Maine. (Alfred, ME)
 • Lit'l Shepherd's Farm - CSA family farm selling healthy organic vegetables, fruit, eggs, chickens and beef.. (Spooner, WI)
 • Papa's Organic - Home Delivery - We deliver and ship Organic Food Nationwide for all lifestyles and gifts. (Van Nuys, CA)
 • Village Bakery & Cafe - Village Bakery & Cafe and Village Market. (Athens, OH)
 • McFadden Ranch - Organic jams, jellies, chutneys, and relishes.. (Lakeside, CA)
 • M& B Farview Farm - Pastured and natually fed chickens,turkeys, cattle, goats and pigs. (Hamburg, PA)
 • Janet's Organics - Grass-fed organic lamb on 18 acres near Rocks State Park in Jarrettsville, MD. (Jarettsville, MD)
 • Litchfield Park Orgainics - This CO-OP has been established to provide fresh, certified organic produce at competitive prices.. (Litchfield Park, AZ)
 • Radical Roots - Oragnic Permaculture Farm with a CSA and Farmer's Market. (Keezletown, VA)
 • Covenant Farm CSA - Family Run Organic CSA. (Clarence Creek, ON)
 • Glasbern - Glasbern in PA's Lehigh Valley. (Fogelsville, PA)
 • BlueBerries-N-More Organic Farms - Organic vegies, fruits, flowers, eggs,herbs. (Concrete, WA)
 • Rosin Organics - Organic. (Selby, SD)
 • Muller's Lane Farm - Eggs, Dairy, Pastured Meats, Milk Soaps. (Rock Falls, IL)
 • Organique - Gourmet Foods for Health, Convenience, Indulgence. (New York, NY)
 • spud! Portland - Local, Organic, Fresh, Grocery Delivery. (Portland, OR)
 • spud! Seattle - Local, Organic, Fresh, Grocery Delivery. (Seattle, WA)
 • spud! Vancouver - Local, Organic, Fresh, Grocery Delivery. (Vancouver, BC)
 • spud! Victoria - Local, Organic, Fresh, Grocery Delivery. (Victoria, BC)
 • spud! - spud! - organic grocery delivery from local vendors and farmers by spud!- visit (Los Angeles, CA)
 • spud! - organic grocery delivery from local vendors and farmers by spud!- visit (San Francisco, CA)
 • Green Meadows Farm - Green Meadows Organic Farm. (South Hamilton, MA)
 • Bowling Green Farmer's Market - Farmer's Market, Food Coop, Wellness Products. (Bowling Green, OH)
 • Kansas City CSA Coalition - Kansas City CSA Coalition - Think Globally, Eat Locally. (Kansas City, MO)
 • Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm CSA - Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm CSA. (Ottawa, IL)
 • Magnolia Farms csa farm - organic produce and raw dairy. (Live Oak, FL)
 • Green Vegetarian Cuisine and Coffee - San Antonio's only 100% vegetarian restaurant. (San Antonio, TX)
 • Basic Roots Community Foods - Basic Roots Community Foods - making good local food accessible. (Indianapolis, IN)
 • New Moon Farm Organics - Certified Organic Farm, north of Charlotte and Lake Norman; Open to public; CSA available. (Mt. Ulla, NC)
 • Midsummer Farm - Organic & Biodynamic CSA program / Farm Stand / Holistic Health Counseling. (Warwick, NY)
 • Sweet Basils Cafe - Organic, natual and wild food only, very vegetarian and vegan friendly.. (Cannon Beach, OR)
 • River Town Feed - organic poultry and livestock feed.. (Petaluma, CA)
 • His Kids Dairy - His Kids Dairy--organic dairy delivered to your door. (Wyalusing, PA)
 • Pine Row Farm - Pine Row Farm & Pottery. (Roscoe, IL)
 • Cure Organic Farm - Family Farm in Boulder offering high quality produce through CSA and direct sales. (Boulder, CO)
 • Delicious Organics - Organic Produce & More, Delivered to Your Door. (Miami, FL)
 • Farm Share Ltd - Home Delivery of CSA Shares in Westchester, NY. (Larchmont, NY)
 • Growing Home - Organic farm providing job training to low income and homeless people and produce to Chicagoland.. (Chicago, IL)
 • Fat Rooster Farm - Certified organic beef, lamb, chicken and turkey, heirloom vegetable varieties. (South Royalton, VT)
 • Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance - Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance. (Seattle, WA)
 • Schlangen Family Egg Farm & Worm Farm - Organic Eggs & Stewing Hens, Worm Castings. (Freeport, MN)
 • Garmon Family Farm - Organic Family Farm. (Whitesburg, GA)
 • The Raven Cafe - An organic European-style cafe, music venue and taphouse in the High Desert.. (Prescott, AZ)
 • Body Temple Boot Camp - Organic,Raw,BootCamp for Body-Mind-Spirit,Vegan or Primal, order Organic spedialty Meats and More!. (Pahoa, HI)
 • Teri's Dairy -- Organic Home Delivery - Teri's Dairy- certified organic beef and other local organic foods.. (Savannah, NY)
 • Grindstone Farm - CertifiedOrganic Fruits & Veggies-Blueberries Shipped NationWide.On-line Ordering.... (Pulaski, NY)

Free listings with Organic Dairy / eggs as 4th category
 • Turner Farm - Community Supported Agriculture. (Cinncinati, OH)
 • Serenbe Farms - organic and biodynamic fruits, veggies, flowers, herbs. (Palmetto, GA)
 • Johnson's Backyard Garden - Growing year round....vegetables, herbs and fresh eggs - CSA serving central Austin. (Austin, TX)
 • Midwestern Organic Supply, Inc. - Distributor of local organic, natural and sustainable products. (Chicago, IL)
 • Valley Dream Farm LLC - Certified Organic Produce at farm or delivered. (Cambridge, VT)
 • Batalden Farms - Batalden Farms - We raise and sell Organic Beef, Pork and Chicken. (Lamberton, MN)
 • Sunny Sky Farm - Community Supported Agriculture: Join the New Food Revolution at Sunny Sky Farm. (Amherst Junction, WI)
 • Andersen Organic Farm - Andersen Organic Farm - family owned and operated. (Ottertail, MN)
 • Country Roots Farm - Country Roots Farm - CSA Program serving the Pueblo and Colorado Springs Area.. (Pueblo, CO)
 • Greenjeans Farm - Organically grown vegetables,fruits,herbs,flowers and plants. (Potter Valley, CA)
 • LeiHall Farm - Farm Raised Certified Naturally Grown Produce. (Plainville, GA)
 • Riverland Farm - Riverland Farm: Certified Organic Vegetables, Farmstand, and CSA. (Sunderland, MA)
 • Eat Outside the Box - Contra Costa County CSA. (Walnut Creek, CA)
 • Wellhausen farms - Home grown organic food. Pesticide free and delivered to your home.. (Wheaton, United States)
 • Upper Meadows Farm & CSA - CSA & seasonally available certified organic produce, fruit, and meat. (Montague, NJ)
 • Moon In The Pond Farm - Sustainable farm, Certified Naturally Grown, meat, vegetables, eggs, sausage, specialties.. (Sheffield, MA)
 • Ceo Maidin Feirm - Local, Organic Family Farm & CSA in Williamsburg, Virginia. (Toano, VA)
 • Jericho Settlers' Farm - Pastured meats: chicken, pork, lamb, beef - Also CSA. (Jericho, VT)
 • Homestead Farm - Experience certified organic!. (Millington, MD)
 • Summer Creek Farm - Summer Creek Farm - USDA Certified Organic Farm , CSA. (Thurmont, MD)
 • HOMEsweetFARM - Sustainable Small Family Farm. (Brenham, TX)
 • BlossomPure - Organic and Natural Products. (Mississauga, ON)
 • Avalon Acres Farm - Pasture Raised Poultry, Eggs and Heritage Turkeys. (Hohenwald, TN)
 • Deacon Vale Farm - Deacon Vale Farm - Certified organic family farm, Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada. (Mayne Island, BC)
 • The Farm at Nanticoke Creek - Heritage Breeds & Heirloom Seeds, Organic, Local, Thoughtful. (Union Center, NY)
 • Wild West Farmer's Market - Wild West Farmer's Have the Makings for a Fresh Organic Meal with One Stop Shopping. . (Richmond, TX)
 • Annie's Organic Buying Club - making organics affordable for everyone!. (Tavernier, FL)
 • Sustainable Settings - Sustainable Settings - a whole systems learning center and working diversified ranch. (Carbondale, CO)
 • spud! San Francisco - Local, Organic, Fresh, Grocery Delivery. (San Francisco, CA)
 • spud! Calgary - Local, organic, fresh delivery!. (Calgary, AB)
 • ONLYorganic - ONLYorganic - organic food delivery. (Tonypandy, United-Kingdom)
 • Jackson Hollow - Organically managed, sustainably produced vegetables, fruit, poultry, and eggs available through CSA. (Mondovi, WI)
 • Tapa Coffee and Bakehouse - Aclaimed organic bakery and glasgow's favourite organic cafes that roasts it's own coffee too!. (Glasgow, United-Kingdom)
 • Daylesford Organic - Award winning organic food retailer. (Nr Kingham, United-Kingdom)
 • Ladybug Organics - Organic and Natural Foods Grocer, Home Delivery from Vancouver to Hope,or Store hours 11-5pm mon-fri. (Surrey, BC)
 • Squash Bossom Local Food Buying Club of Kansas City - A Local Food Buyers Cooperative. (Kanas City, MO)
 • applewood - Sustainable, seasonal restaurant supporting local farmers and fishermen. (Brooklyn, NY)
 • Abundant Harvest Organics - Fresh Local 100% Organic farm products delivered weekly to your community. (Kingsburg, CA)
 • Fox Fire Farms - FoxFireFarms Certified Organic 100% Grass-fed Lamb Beef Apple Finished Pork Soy Free Eggs Goat meat. (Ignacio, CO)
 • Southeastern Organic Supply - Sustainable and Organic Food Distributor - Atlanta, GA. (Atlanta, GA)
 • Nature mart - Natural Grocery. (Los Angeles (Los Feliz), CA)
 • Green Planet Catering - Full service green catering company in the triangle area. (Raleigh, NC)
 • Organics to You - Organic produce Home delivery, Portland, Oregon. (Portland, OR)
 • Carraig Farm - Organic family 128 acre family farm including CSA, yarn, fiber, organic poultry and lamb. (Ashby, MA)
 • Abraham Enterprises Inc. - Garden On Wheels: Organic Produce Home Delivery. (Normal, IL)
 • Terra Bella Organic Coffee, Tea and Bakery/Cafe - Waking the World Naturally. (Anchorage, AK)
 • Natural Soul Food Non-Profit Cafe - Healthy alternative to conventional soul food establishments, vegans are also welcome. (Los Angeles, CA)
 • Nature's SunGrown Foods, Inc. - Exporter of value-added certified organic foods. (San Rafael, CA)
 • Sweetwater Local Foods Market - Farmers Mkt Every Saturday from 9:00am to 1:00pm. (Muskegon, MI)
 • SpiritLand Bistro - Organic Global Cuisine and Catering. (Santa Barbara, CA)
 • Inn Serendipity - Powered by the wind and sun.. (Browntown, WI)
 • Abundant Organics - Abundant Organics - home delivery of certified organic food Sydney, Australia area. Free delivery.. (Emu Plains, Nsw, Australia)
 • Meadow Rise Farm - Meadow Rise Farm -- Certified Naturally Grown Farm and CSA. (Bellville, OH)
 • Cosmic Apple Gardens - The Freshest Veggies all summer, Wonderful winter meats.... (Victor, ID)
 • Davis Farms CSA - Davis Farms Community Supported Agriculture, growing sustainably on family owned land.. (Roberta, GA)
 • The Organic Warehouse & Health Food Store - Organic Health Foods and Quality Supplements. (Bartonsville, PA)
 • Sunshine Organics - Fresh Organic Produce & Groceries to your Door! Simple, Convenient and Deliciously Healthy!. (Powell River, BC)
 • Boxed Greens Certified Organics - home delivery of impeccably fresh certified organic produce picked to order. (Tempe, AZ)
 • Majesty Farm - Providing Foods for the Family from a perspective of sustainable local agriculture.. (North Garden, VA)
 • Abel & Cole - Award-winning organic home delivery service offering free delivery in London and Home Counties. (Wimbledon, United-Kingdom)
 • Four Winds Farm - Ulster County's Oldest CSA. (Gardiner, NY)
 • Foodsmiths - Perth Ontario, Canada - Foodsmiths Online Store. (Perth, ON)
 • Providence Pastures Farm - Erie,PA - Naturally raised chicken, beef, pork, eggs and produce. (Corry, PA)
 • Diamond Organics - We ship fresh organically grown food across the country overnight by FedEx.. (Moss Landing, CA)
 • The Green Line Organic Direct - The Green Line Organic Direct - The Organic Food Home Delivery Service In Victoria, Australia. (Thomastown, Australia)

Free listings with Organic Dairy / eggs as 5th category
 • The People's Elbow - Food Buying Club - no membership fee or minimum order. (West Lafayette, IN)
 • MJ Catering/Corner Chef - Catering only the best food for all occasions and needs.. (Evanston, IL)
 • Old Earth Farm - organic vegetable CSA, homemade bread and jam, all natural pasture raised meats. (Oley, PA)
 • Earth Tones Farm - Organically raised products for our community. (Silverton, OR)
 • Athens Locally Grown - Athens Locally Grown -- Small Farms Making A Difference. (Athens, GA)
 • Whole Farm Coop - natural and organic food. (Long Prarie, MN)
 • Sharon's Natural Gardens - Educational CSA. (Delmar, DE)
 • Angelic Organics Learning Center - Learn. Grow. Connect.. (Caledonia, IL)
 • Wildroot Farm - Wildroot Farm - Horsepowered farm raising produce and eggs (Kennebunk). (Kennebunk, ME)
 • Organic to go - Quick AND Organic??. (Los Angeles, CA)
 • Jupazza Featuring Vitale Farms Cooperative Farm - Naturally grown produce, herbs, grain, and plants proudly serving the Metro Detroit area. (Rochester Hills, MI)
 • PCCSA (Prescott College Community Supported Agriculture) - PCCSA Change the World Starting with Dinner. (Prescott, AZ)
 • Rosettas Kitchen - Rosetta's Kitchen - vegan and vegatarian fare. (Asheville, NC)
 • Vero Fresh Produce - Locally Grown Natural Foods and Products Delivered To Your Door. (Lakewood, OH)
 • Dearing Country Farms - Country homestead selling personally grown, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries and eggs.. (Bloomington, IL)
 • Farm to City - Year round connection to food from local farms in Philadelphia area. (Philadelphia, PA)
 • - organic Romania. (Bucharest, Romania)
 • Fresh Option Organic Delivery - Organic food delivery service. (Winnipeg, MB)
 • (Small Potatoes Urban Delivery) - SPUD.Com is the NEW Grocery Delivery service in Seattle. All Organic and Natural.. (Seattle, WA)
 • Farmers Market - Farmers Market. (Grants Pass, OR)
 • Corrales Asociados SA de CV - Corrales y Asociados.SA de CV. (Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico)
 • Greyburr Organic Farm - Organic meat and veggies. (Markdale, ON)
 • Killdeer Farm - Organic Farm And Farm Stand. (Norwich, VT)
 • Eco-Farms Pty Ltd - Eco-Farms is Australia's largest dedicated supplier of Certified Organics Fresh & Packaged Foods. (Homebush Nsw, Australia)
 • Grow Alabama - Alabama's organically-grown vegetables, herbs and fruit. (Birmingham, AL)

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