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Animal Rights and Animal Protection Organizations

248 listings by USA state (city), Canadian province, 36 listings for other countries.
This page created Mar. 4th, 2006. To view recently added listings search a specific geography. (Buy Directory)

 • Sampson's Sanctuary - Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. (Blountsville)
 • Alabama Network for Animals, Inc. - - - - - -- . (Gadsden)


 • Hacienda de los Milagros, Inc. - lifeitme animal sanctuary. (Chino Valley)
 • Animal Commandos - Last Chance for Animals Arizona - we assist militant animal rights groups.. (Mesa)
 • East Valley Bunny Rescue - East Valley Bunny Rescue. (Mesa)
 • - The free calendar and information source for vegans, vegetarians and animal rights activists in AZ.. (Phoenix)
 • Animal Defense League of Arizona - ADLA is Arizona's statewide animal rights organization.. (Tucson)
 • Feminists for Animal Rights (FAR) - dedicated to ending all forms of abuse against women and animals. (Tucson)
 • The Animal's Crusaders - - - - - -- - - . (tuscon)


 • For the Sake of Animals - animal rights activists and we also have a homeless animal sanctuary. (Mena)
 • Arkansas for Animals - The only state-wide animal defense organization.. (Sheridan)


 • Political Animals - legislative issues to protect animals. ( )
Aid For Animals, Inc. - - Online store to fund nonprofit organizations (Baker)
 • Helping Our Peninssula's Environment - Protecting Environment & Democracy Using Science, Law & Education. (Carmel)
 • Animal Legal Defense Fund - country's leading animal rights law organization. (Cotati)
 • Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights - committed to balancing the needs of nonhuman animals with those of human animals.. (Davis)
 • Viva!USA - Viva! Campaigning for Animals Fighting for Change. (Davis)
 • Chaplain of the Pets - Chaplain of the Pets. (Escondido)
 • The Purple Cow and Friends - We are a non-profit farm animal rescue organization. (Escondido)
 • California Animal Defense & Anti-Vivisection League, Inc. - - - - -- - - . (Gardena)
 • The Nature of Wellness - inform of the medical and scientific invalidity and counterproductiveness of animal experimentation. (Glendale)
 • Hooves & Paws Animal Resue - providing a second chance to homeless dogs and farm animals. (Littlerock)
 • SaveHorses - We will rescue any breed of horse, any age, in any medical condition, at any time. (Lockeford)
 • Animal Friend's Connection - Help adopt animals. (Lodi)
 • Americans for Medical Advancement - exposing the ineptitude and hazards of animal-modeled biomedical research. (Los Angeles)
 • Animal Legislative Action Network - participating in the political process to eliminate animal exploitation. (Los Angeles )
 • Last Chance For Animals - working to abolish animal suffering and exploitation through non-violent tactics and strategies.. (Los Angeles)
 • In Defense of Animals - dedicated to ending the institutionalized exploitation and abuse of animals. (Mill Valley)
 • Bay Area Vegetarians - To connect and support the Bay Area Vegetarian & Animal Rights Community. (Montara)
 • Actors and Others for Animals - A nuts and bolts, broad-based community group working end all animal abuse and exploitation. (North Hollywood)
 • Any Feline Rescue - Any Feline Rescue & Adoptions - Trying to make a difference One cat at a time. (Oakdale)
 • Action for Animals - Focusing on public education of animal abuses. (Oakland)
 • International Aid for Korean Animals & Korea Animal Protection Society - IAKA/KAPS campaign against the torture and consumption of companion animals in Korea.. (Oakland)
 • Farm Sanctuary - West - waged effective campaigns to stop farm animal cruelty. (Orland)
 • S.K,U,N,K,S, - Society of Kind Understanding and Not Killing Skunks - Rescue and rehabilitation of wild and domestic skunks. (Palmdale)
 • Animal Protection Institute (API) - National advocate for protection of animals from cruelty. (Sacramento)
 • Animal Protection & Rescue League - Protecting the rights and habitats of all animals.. (San Diego)
 • All Creatures Animal Caring Society - All Creatures offers the best animals for adoption.. (San Rafael)
 • All for Animals - All for Animals: Tips and Inspiration for Living a More Compassionate Life. (Santa Barbara)
 • No Voice Unheard - One at a Time: A Week in an American Animal Shelter. (Santa Cruz)
 • Animal Defense League - Los Angeles Chapter - Animal Defense League - Militant Animal Rights in Southern California. (Santa Monica)
 • - Working to end the annual massacre of harp seals in Canada. (Santa Monica)
 • New World Vision - The Importance if Inner Awareness to Achieve World Peace . (Santa Monica )
 • Freedom for Animals - Freedom for Animals is a San Francisco Bay Area based animal rights & advocacy group. (Sausalito)
 • Save the Whales - to educate children and adults about marine mammals. (Seaside)
 • The Gentle Barn Foundation - Teaching Kindness and compassion to animals, each other, and our planet. (Tarzana)
 • HSUS Hollywood Office (formerly The Ark Trust Inc.) - animal protection organization that spotlights animal cruelty through the major media. (Universal City)
 • The Write Cause - To write letters for its members on animal welfare and environmental protection. (Valley Ford)
 • Animal Emancipation, Inc. - attention has been directed toward animal experimentation at UCSB. (Van Nuys)
 • Orange County People for Animals / OCPA - Orange County's largest and most active animal rights group. (Yorba Linda)


 • Animal Law Center (ALC) - promoting the interests of all animals through legal means. (Boulder)
 • Rocky Mountain Animal Defense - works to help eliminate the human-imposed suffering. (Boulder)
 • Feathered Family - Feathered Family Parrot Rescue and Adoption. (Erie)


 • Friends of Animals - working to protect animals from cruelty and abuse.. (Darien)
 • GRASP (Great Ape Standing and Personhood) - legal innovation of personhood for non-human great apes. (Darien)
 • AWARE (Animal Welfare and Rights Entity) - animal rights issues and provides a local area rescue. (Tolland)


 • Delaware Action for Animals - Active, well respected, multi-isue Animal Rights Group working in Delaware. (Newark)

District of Columbia

 • Ban Bird Flu - Ban Bird Flu. (Washington)
 • Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics - - - - - - -. (Washington)
 • Vegetarian Legal Action Network - Welcome to the Vegetarian Legal Action Network. (Washington)


 • Making A Difference For Animals (MADFA) - Working to spread awareness about animal cruelty & promote a veg lifestyle. Free* Literature Avail.. (* No Physical Address Available *)
 • Safe Haven Wildlife Center, Inc. - We rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife.. (Clearwater)
 • South Lake Animal League - NO-KILL rescue organization.. (Clermont)
 • Animal Rights Foundation of Florida - animals have the right to live their lives free of exploitation. (Ft. Lauderdale )
 • Animal Activists of Alachua - Animal Rights and Veg*nism in Gainesville, FL. (Gainesville)
 • Pasco Vegetarian/Vegan Society & Food for Life - Learn how our food choices impact our Health, Environment, and Animal Suffering.. (Hudson)
 • Campus Action for Animals - - - - -- - -. (Orlando)
 • Orlando Animal Rights Alliance - The Alliance is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit group of committed activists centered in Orlando, Fl. . (Orlando)
 • Useless Animal Farm Sanctuary Inc. - Useless Animal Farm Sanctuary. (Palatka)
 • Saving Animals Via Education - S.A.V.E. promotes animal rights via education.. (Ponte Vedra Beach)
 • Sarasota in Defense of Animals - Animal rights/welfare/habitat protection.. (Sarasota)
 • Voice Of Compassion for Animal Life - Be a whisper or be a scream...just be a voice. Be vocal. Based in Tampa, Florida.. (Tampa)
 • United Humanitarians Low Cost Spay/Neuter of Indian River and St. Luc - NEED HELP TO SPAY/NEUTER PETS AND FERALS? CALL 772-564-8667.. (Vero Beach)
 • Peace River Refuge & Ranch, Inc. - Exotic Animal Rescue Sanctuary. (Zolfo Springs)


 • Georgia Animal Rights and Protection - Georgia Animal Rights and Protection. (Atlanta)
 • Second Chance Animal Sanctuary, INC. - Helping animals in distress and giving them a second chance at a new life.. (Blue Ridge)
 • Good Mews Animal Foundation - Atlanta Area Roam-free, no-kill cat shelter- Adopt * Volunteer * Donate. (Marietta)
 • Vegetarian Solutions - Changing the world one meal at a time. For your health, for the animals, for the environment. . (Marietta)
 • Compassionate Kids - Teaching Children Compassion towards the Earth, People, & Animals. (Sunny Side)


 • Animal Rights Hawai'i - opposed to the use of animals for food, clothing, experimentation, and entertainment. (Honolulu)
 • zeroimpact productions - zeroimpact productions produces a wide range of media aimed at increasing environmental awareness.. (Kihei)


 • Idaho Citizens Against Greyhound Entertainment - Idaho Citizens Against Greyhound Entertainment. (Boise)
 • Idaho Animal Advocates - We work to publicize animal injustices. (Sun Valley)


 • Action Volunteers for Animals - We are Volunteers who are ready to take action.. (Chicago)
 • EarthSave Chicago - Vegan potluck-speaker's forum. (Chicago)
 • Food Animal Concerns Trust - objectives are to improve the welfare of farm animals, increase the safety of meat, milk, and eggs... (Chicago)
 • Mercy for Animals - Mercy for Animals. (Chicago)
 • SPEAK (Supporting and Ppromoting Ethics for the Animal Kingdom) - Humane Education . (Chicago)
 • The National Anti-Vivisection Society - dedicated to abolishing the exploitation of animals used in research. (Chicago)
 • SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness) - striving to end the suffering of and cruelty to all animals. (Geneva)
 • Free Spirit Siberian Rescue Inc - Help us find permanent homes for our unwanted Siberian Huskies. (Harvard)
 • Students Improving the Lives of Animals - U of I Student Group- all welcome (student or not!) check out website for events. (Urbana)


 • Madison County Humane Society - Madison County Humane Society. (Anderson)
 • Student Vegetarian Coalition - Vegan/Vegetarian Organization. (Hammond)
 • CHACE (Connecting Hoosiers for Animal Concerns and Education) - An animal rights group in Indianapolis, IN. (Indianapolis)
 • Tails a' Waggin' Rescue Inc - A non-profit, no-kill animal rescue & sanctuary for abandoned, homeless, and abused animals. (Whitestown)


 • Citizens for Animal Rights of Eastern-Iowa (CARE) - Animal rights group in Eastern-Iowa. (Bettendorf)
 • Last Hope Animal Rescue and Training - Saving Eastern Iowa's Homeless Animals. (Cedar Rapids)
 • Farm Animal Welfare Network (FAWN) - vegetarian/vegan outreach and factory farming public education. (Iowa City)


 • Animal Outreach of Kansas University - Animal rights organization at Kansas University. (Lawrence )


 • Capital Area Animal Welfare Society (CAAWS) - Capital Area Animal Welfare Society (CAAWS). (Baton Rouge)
 • Vegetarian Society of LSU - Promoting vegetarian issues on Louisiana State University campus. (Baton Rouge)
 • St. John Humane Society - St. John Humane Society. (La Place)
 • Humane Society of Louisiana - To investigate and prevent cruelyt to animals. (New Orleans)
 • NOVA - New Orleans Vegetarian Alliance - New Orleans Vegetarian Alliance. (New Orleans)


 • Maine Friends of Animals (MFOA) - Building a coalition of animal advocate and associations in Maine. (Falmouth)


 • Anti-Fur Society of America - We promote activism against the use of fur. (Annapolis Junction)
FARM (Farm Animal Reform Movement) - - World Farm Animals Day (Bethesda)
 • Web Advantage, Inc. - Message Products - Support the Issues You Care About. (Havre de Grace )
 • Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PSYETA) - PSYETA uses psychology and education to enrich the world through respect for nonhuman animals.. (Washington Grove)


 • Ethical Science and Education Coalition (ESEC) - Protecting Students' Rights Not to Harm Animals. (Boston)
 • New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS) - NEAVS: Protecting animals since 1895. (Boston)
 • Jews for Animal Rights - Promotes vegetarianism, community programs, speakers and publications.. (Marblehead)
 • Salem Vegan Society - to promote veganism in Salem, Mass.. (Salem)
 • Center for Animal Protection - - - - -- --- - - - . (Somerville)
 • Alliance for Animals - to heighten public awareness of animals rights issues and animal suffering. (South Boston)
 • Massachusetts Turtle Rescue, Inc. - Massachusetts Turtle Rescue, Inc.. (Springfield)
 • Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition (MARC) - Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition. (Statewide)
 • Unicorn-Butterfly Prophecy - A Vegan Ministry. (Worthington)


 • Michigan Animal Rights Society - Michigan Animal Rights Society. (Ann Arbor)
 • Michigan Animal Rights Society (MARS) - MARS is a group of University of Michigan students devoted to the cause of animal rights.. (Ann Arbor)
 • All Species Kinship (ASK) - All Species Kinship (ASK)-We Speak For Those Who Can't Ask. (Battle Creek)
 • Kalamazoo Animal Liberation League (KALL) - Protest actions, networking, newsletter, letter writing campaigns. (Kalamazoo )
 • Veggies In Motion - Detroit Area Vegan/Vegetarian Group. (Madison Heights)
 • Sasha Farm - Sasha Farm Animal Sanctuary. (Manchester)
 • Jethro's Place Animal Sanctuary - Welcome to Jethro's Place a no-kill humane organization.. (Memphis)
 • Fighting for Animal Rights and the Environment (F.A.R.E.) - "Fighting for Animal Rights and the Environment". (Perry)
 • Jackson Citizens for Ethical Living - Jackson, MI area Animal rights group-PETA minded. (Rives Junction)
 • ADAPTT - Animals Deserve Absolute Protection Today and Tomorrow - to assist in the abolition of animal use in medical research, product testing. (Royal Oak)
 • For Animals - Northern Michigan's only grassroots animal rights group.. (Traverse City)
 • Guardians For Animals - Helping animal rescues in need , joining humans with abandoned animals.. (Troy)


 • The De La Luna Rattery and Rescue - Rattery and Rescue in the Midwest. (Maple Grove)
 • Animal Liberation League - prevents animal suffering by promoting a vegan lifestyle, protesting animal exploitation. (Minneapolis)
 • Animal Rights Coalition (ARC) - ARC is dedicated to ending the abuse of non-human animals through education and activism.. (Minneapolis)
 • Circus Reform Yes! - To end the unnecessary suffering caused by the archaic institution of wild animal circuses.. (Minneapolis)
 • Compassionate Action for Animals - protest the violence of factory farms and slaughterhouses. (Minneapolis)
 • Compassionate Action for Animals - Promoting veganism and vegetarianism at the UofM. (Minneapolis)
 • Eco-Animal Allies - Saving animals and the planet one bite at a time. Eat vegan. Buy organic.. (Minneapolis)
 • Rochester Animal Protection Society - Rochester Animal Protection Society. (Rochester)


 • St Louis Animal Rights Team (S.T.A.R.T.) - Education, activism, social change. (St. Louis)
 • Tri-State Activist for Animal Rights - SW Missouri Animal Rights Group. (Webb City)


 • Musicians United to Sustain The Environment--M. U. S. E. Online! - Musicians United to Sustain The Environment--M. U. S. E. Online!. (Big Sky Big Sky, MT 59716)
 • Montana's Parrot & Exotic Bird Sanctuary - Montana's Parrot & Exotic Bird Sanctuary strives to create a safe haven for parrots & exotic birds.. (Butte)
 • Buffalo Field Campaign - help protect the buffalo. (West Yellowstone)


 • Gardnerville Reptile Rescue - Gardnerville Reptile Rescue. (Gardnerville)

New Hampshire

 • New Hampshire Animal Rights League, Inc. - New Hampshire Animal Rights, Inc.. (Concord)
 • Through Their Eyes, The National Animal Abuse Registry - Animal cruelty database for US and international cases. (Merrimack)

New Jersey

 • New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance - Grassroots group working to ABOLISH all forms of animal exploitation. (Englishtown)
 • American Vegan Society (AVS) - American Vegan Society, lighting the way since 1960. (Malaga)
 • Coalition for Animals - to institute changes that will end animal exploitation. (SOMERVILLE)

New Mexico

 • Animal Rights Mobilization - Against all Forms of Animal Abuse/Exploitation- spay/neuter program . (Placitas)
 • Petroglyphs - New Mexico's Resource for Animal Lovers. (Santa Fe)

New York

 • Animal Advocates of Western New York - dedicated to the elimination of animal exploitation and abuse, through education and action. (Buffalo)
 • Legal Action for Animals - - - - - - - - - - . (Kew Gardens)
 • Wildlife Watch, Inc. / Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting - We focus on the exposure of wildlife management practices. (New Paltz)
 • Beauty Without Cruelty USA - - - - - - - - . (New York)
 • Earth Day New York - Earth Week in Grand Central. (New York)
 • New York Companion Bird Club - Metropolitan New York Bird Club. (New York)
 • NYC Wildlife - New York City Wildlife. (New York)
 • The League of Humane Voters of New York City - The League of Humane Voters of New York City. (New York)
 • Compassionate Consumers - Compassionate Consumers. (Rochester)
 • Farm Sanctuary - America's premier farm animal shelters. (Watkins Glen)
 • Farm Sanctuary - The Nation's Leading Farm Animal Protection Organization. (Watkins Glen)

North Carolina

 • United States Equine Rescue League - United State Equine Rescue League, Inc.. (Kernersville)
 • Carteret County Humane Society - We have Super Pets. (Newport)
 • Culture and Animals Foundation (CAF) - Through cultural studies, history, and philosophy, we explore our relationship with animals.. (Raleigh)
 • Justice for Animals - lobby for changes in laws, and we help to prosecute animal cruelty cases.. (Raleigh)
 • The Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive - The Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive. (Raleigh)


 • CHAP (Citizens for Humane Animal Practices) - Ruthless Cat Killings in Akron,OH. (Akron)
 • Animal Rights Community of Greater Cincinnati - Please call for upcoming events.. (Cincinnati)
 • Animal's Disaster Team - Animals Red Cross, in disaster situation we respond.. (Cleveland)
 • Quest, Ministries, Anti-Speciesism - Anti-Speciesism - Save Other-Our Species (SOS-FRE) From Research Experiments. (cleveland)
 • Mercy For Animals - Mercy For Animals . (Columbus)
 • Protect Our Earth's Treasurers - POET - POET working to help the animals in central ohio since 1984. (Columbus)
 • Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN) - Opposes animal experimentation and animal testing. (Milford)
 • The Hope Project - Putting animal rights/welfare, environmental activism to Work! . (New Albany)
 • Justice for Animals Fund - provides small grants (up to $1000) for grassroots animal advocacy. (Shaker Hts.)
 • Puppy Mill Fighters - Puppy Mill Fighters. (Toledo)


 • Vegetarians of Oklahoma - VegOK meets monthly for mutual support and actively works to promote veg*nism in Oklahoma.. (OKC)
 • Northeastern Oklahoma Animal Helpers (NOAH) - We are the only animal rights organization in Oklahoma.. (Tulsa)


 • In Defense of Animals - Africa - Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center, rescuing captive chimpanzees and fighting the bush-meat trade.. (Beaverton)
 • Citizens for Animal Rights - We work on a variety of animal rights issues.. (Eugene)
 • Eugene Veg Education Network (EVEN) - Eugene Veg Education Network (EVEN). (Eugene)
 • - educating the public about pigs and their inhumane treatment. (Porltand)
 • Great Ape Project - GAP needs people with energy to promote our numerous projects. (Portland)
 • In Defense of Animals - Oregon - Primate Research Contact . (Portland)
 • Northwest VEG - Northwest VEG (Vegetarian Education & Empowerment Group). (Portland)


 • Lehigh Valley Animal Rights Coalition (LVARK) - grassroots advocacy group for animal rights. (Allentown)
 • Mobilization for Animals Pennsylvania, Inc. - focusing mainly on veganism and anti-hunting. (Conshohocken)
 • American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS) - Dedicated to ending the use of animals in research, product testing and education. (Jenkintown)
 • Letters for Animals - animal rights letter-writing service. (La Plume)
 • Animal Advocates, Inc - dedicated to ending the suffering, exploitation, and abuse of all animals. (Pittsburgh)
Dogs Deserve Better - - Dogs Deserve Better: No Chains! (Tipton)
 • The Last Resort Animal Sanctuary,Inc. - Last Resort Santuary is a no kill,home for cats and rabbits.. (York New Salem)

Rhode Island

 • Horse Play - Horse Play. (Hope Valley)
 • ShelterForShelters - ShelterForShelters. (North Kingstown)
 • Defenders of Animals - To provide assistance to sick, injured and homeless animals. (Providence)
 • HealingEarth - Nurturing positive choices for other species, people, and the planet. (Providence)

South Carolina

 • Cotton Branch Animal Sanctuary - A Forever Home for abused and neglected farm animals.. (Leesville)
 • Palmetto Equine Awareness & Rescue League (PEARL) - We are dedicated to the preservation and welfare of all equines. (Sandy Springs)


Road Home Animal Rescue - - Road Home Animal Rescue (No-Kill, Safe Haven, Katrina Rescue) (Crossville)
 • Jackson-Madison County Humane Society - Until there are none.....adopt one. (Jackson)
 • Animal Rescue and Fostering Networks (ARFNets) - A rescue for animals of all kinds. This rescue is run solely by volunteers and donations.. (Maryville)
 • Agape Animal Rescue - Agape Animal Rescue - Rescue and Education. (Mt. Juliet )


 • Bat Conservation International, Inc. (BCI) - teaching people to understand and value bats. (Austin)
 • Animal Connection of Texas - A grassroots group dedicated to the end of animal suffering.. (Dallas)
 • South East Dallas Humane Society - We are a 501c3 Non Profit Rescue Organization dedicated to Animals. (DFW)
 • Cochehua Vegetarian Collective - cochehua promotes veggie/vegan living in deep south texas. (Harlingen)
 • In Solidarity With Animals - In Solidarity with Animals. (Houston)
 • Bat World Sanctuary - Bat World Sanctuary. (Mineral Wells)


 • Utah Animal Rights Coalition - supporting the environment, veganism and an end to animal abuse. (Salt Lake City)


 • Friends of Homeless Animals - Dog and Cat Adoptions every Saturday and Sunday. (Aldie)
 • Action for Animals Network - Northern Virginia Animal Rights Organization. (Alexandria)
 • Concern for Helping Animals in Israel (CHAI) - promotes humane legislation, education, spay/neuter, alternatives to animals in labs. (Alexandria)
 • Rescue Me, An Avian Sanctuary - Free flight sanctuary for all parrot species. (Ark)
 • Voices for Animals - An animal rights organization serving Central Virginia since 1984. (Charlottesville)
 • United Poultry Concerns (UPC) - United Poultry Concerns seeks to make the public aware of the ways poultry are treated by our. (Machipongo)
 • PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.. (Norfolk)
 • Alliance for Animals in Virginia - - - - - - - - - - . (Virginia Beach)
 • Noah's Ark Foundation - Non profit, no kill, all breed animal rescue organization. (Woodbridge)


 • Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. (Friday Harbor)
 • Action for Animals/Vegan Book Project - Resources that will assist you in making the transition toward a vegan lifestyle. (Seattle)
 • Human Earth Animal Liberation - HEAL (Human Earth Animal Liberation) working for peace, justice, and freedom for all living beings.. (Seattle)
 • Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN) - NARN operates in the Pacific Northwest to end the suffering & exploitation of all animals . (Seattle)
 • Stop Experimentation on & Exploitation of Chimpanzees (SEEC) - A Primate Freedom Project working to end the use of chimpanzees for research and entertainment.. (Seattle)


 • Alliance for Animals - devoted to increasing public awareness of animal. (Madison)
 • Animal Liberation Action Group - seeks to end prejudice and unjustifiable discrimination against animals. (Oshkosh)
 • F.A.L.L. Equine and Animal Rescue - Wisconsin animal rescue and sanctuary. (washburn)


 • Voice for Animals Humane Society - Voice for Animals. (Edmonton)

British Columbia

 • Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Food Animals - - - - - - -- - - . (Vancouver)
 • Coalition for No Whales in Captivity - The Coalition for No Whales in Captivity. (Vancouver)
 • Lifeforce Foundation - Lifeforce - In Respect For All Life. (Vancouver )


 • Friends of the Animals - Friends of the Animals. (Beaverton)
 • Patrick's Foster Home For Animal Alliance - Are You Looking For That Special Cat Or Dog. (Hamilton)
 • London Animal Alliance - promotes public awareness of animal cruelty issues through education and legislation. (London)
 • Niagara Action for Animals - - - - - - . (St.Catharines)
 • Adopt an Animal - Canada - Adopt an Animal - Canada: where you new best friend is just a mouse click away!. (Toronto)
 • Animal Alliance of Canada - works for long-term animal protection. (Toronto)
 • Animal Voices - Animal Rights Radio. (Toronto)
 • Cat Rescue Canada - Cat Rescue in Canada. (Toronto)
 • Freedom for Animals - Uniting Animal Rights Activists in Toronto. (Toronto)
 • The Bear Alliance - - - - - - - . (Toronto)
 • ARK II - Windsor's Animal Rights Group - ARK II - Windsor's Animal Rights Group. (Windsor)


 • Fauna Foundation - Retirement Home for Ex Biomedical research Chimpanzees andFarm Sanctuary. (Chambly)
 • GRASP - Canada (Great Ape Standing and Personhood) - legal innovation of personhood for non-human great apes. (Chambly)
 • Global Action Network - Global Action Network . (Montreal)
 • Veggie Internationale - Vegetarian/Vegan Association. (Montreal)
 • Frontier Animal Society - Frontier Animal Society of Canada Stanstead Quebec. (Stanstead)


 • Hunt Saboteurs Association - majority of the British public recognise bloodsports are cruel and abbhorrent. (Brighton)
 • Kent Against Live Export (KALE) - Action Against Live Exports. (Folkestone Kent)
 • Animal Aid - campaigns against all cruelty to animals. (Kent)
 • British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) - dedicated to use all peaceful means possible to end vivisection. (London)
 • McLibel Support Campaign / McSpotlight - encouraging debate - about the workings, policies and practices of the McDonald's. (London)
 • The Lord Dowding Fund For Humane Research - Funds Non-Animal Scientific Research . (London)
 • The National Anti-Vivisection Society - UK's Foremost Anti-Vivisection Society. (London)
 • Ethical Consumer - Exposes the activities of the companies behind the brand names. (Manchester M15 5RF)
 • Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) - raising awareness of the issue of farm animal welfare. (Petersfield, Hampshire)
 • Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe - working on the issue of the Spanish Blood Fiestas. (SOUTHPORT, MERSEYSIDE)
 • ARCNEWS - online grassroots monthly magazine for the animal rights movement . (Wolverhampton)


 • Animal Liberation SA - Australian political lobby group for animals.. (Adelaide)
 • Australian Association for Humane Research Inc. (AAHR) - anti-vivisection organisation. (Malvern, VIC)
 • Humane Charities Australia Inc. - Humane Charities Australia Inc.. (Noble Park East)
 • Animals Australia - founded in 1980 by Professor Peter Singer (author of 'Animal Liberation'). (North Melbourne, Victoria)
 • Queensland Group for Animal Rights - Queensland Group for Animal Rights. (Paradise Point)


 • Four Paws International - International animal welfare and protection agency. (Vienna)


 • Minoesj : An Animal Voice - Animal Rights Community that supports cruelty free diets.. (Gent)
 • Minoesj : The Vegetarian Voice - Animal Slaughter. Abuse and Cruelty. (gent)


 • Brigitte Bardot Foundation - endowing animals with legal rights. (Paris)


 • Animal Welfare Association - Our Motto CARE CONCERN and COMPASSION anywhere in the World. (Mysore)


 • Free The Animals (FETA) - Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment. (Bandung)
 • The Indonesian Vegan Society - exists to promote a lifestyle that is free from animal products.. (Semarang, Jawa Tengah)


 • Anonymous for Animal Rights - - - - - -. (Tel Aviv)


 • Japan Anti-Vivisection Association (JAVA) - working for against animal testing.. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)


 • New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (Inc.) - Animal Research TAKES Lives - Humans and Animals BOTH Suffer. (Christchurch)


 • ROLDA - Rolda &Romania Animal rescue,Inc. (Galati)
 • Pro Animals - Fighting for saving the stray dogs from Romania. (Tg-Jiu)


 • Falcon (Front for Animal Liberation and Conservation of Nature) - animal rights and ethical conservation are inex-tricably linked. (Kloof)


 • - Animal Rescue/Animal Rights Group in Beirut. (Beirut)
 • Activist BETA [] - Animal Rights Activists in Lebanon. (Beirut, Lebanon)
 • AnimaNaturalis Internacional - Organización internacional para la defensa de los derechos de todos los animales.. (International)
 • Animal Rights Forum - Animal Rights board supporting vegetarian, vegan and fruitarian diets. (Online)
 • Animal Consultants International - Animal Consultants International: Linking People With Campaigns: (worldwide)
 • S.P.A.R.E. The Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt - The Society for the Protection of Animal Rights, Egypt is officially registered and certified as a n. (Zamalek, Cairo EGYPT)
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